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6 Things to Consider before investing in a warehouse

For industrial companies, having a warehouse is a must to store a lot of goods. Especially those who have smaller store offices and large shipments and productions of goods to store. At Dubail International, we help businesses find a commercial warehouse for rent in al quoz or anywhere in Dubai. We also deal in the sale and purchase of commercial properties including warehouses. If you have made up your mind about buying or renting a warehouse in Dubai, you need to consider these important things before finalizing the deal.


A warehouse should always be close to your office as well as main highways. A warehouse halfway across the city with limited connection to main highways is of no use. Moreover, daily commuting to the warehouse this far only wastes a lot of time and energy.

Bay Size

For businesses dealing in furniture, large construction, machinery, or any such things, it is important to look for a warehouse that comes with a considerable bay size. It is important to have ample space to load or unload goods vehicles. It should also have enough space to park large transport vehicles at a time.

Ceiling Height

Ideally, the ceiling of a warehouse should be higher than 10 feet. You need to consider the kind of goods you are going to store in the warehouse. For instance, some industrial machinery and equipment may even be higher than 10 feet. So you need to look for a warehouse that has a considerable higher ceiling to safely store different goods.

Temperature Controlled

A warehouse needs to be able to install a strong system to control the temperature within the building. Businesses dealing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, artwork, etc. need to have a controlled environment where they could set a temperature as they require.


Businesses are likely to expand and change with time so you need to look for a warehouse that is flexible to change. You may need to downsize or acquire more space inside the building. So, make sure to invest in a warehouse that is flexible to absorb the changes.

Legal Aspects

Before buying or renting out the warehouse, you need to ascertain If the local regulations allow you to run your business in the area. Make sure you are not violating any regulations or laws set by the authorities and are running legitimately. At Dubail International, we help you get a warehouse or any new commercial property for sale or rent in Dubai and Al Quoz. Whether you are investing in a property or acquiring for short or long-term rental, our brokers are here to find the best property for you. Connect with us to get hands on the best commercial and residential properties in Dubai.